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Below showcases some of my work that I designed, engineered and fabricated


Overkill Computer Desk

This computer desk features a built in computer chassis, dual motor height adjustable legs, swappable front IO ports, smart LED lighting control, wireless charging, and modular components for ease of replacement and upgrading. The desk was designed, built and marketed for gamers, streamers and content creators.



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This display featured a remote operated retractable display area. The client wanted to display his cards during events and secure the cards into the base outside of use. Once retracted into the base the display area was able to display additional items on its top surface. The entire unit was constructed of black gloss acrylic with four 5000K light posts at the top.


Cloudcoach Reception Desk

The Cloud Coach reception desk was a modular design meant to be easily moved through standard single doorways and assembled on site. This modular design includes RGB+CCT lighting control and cable management solutions. Materials are High gloss laminate and plywood substrate to keep the assembly lightweight.


Ken Santiago
Display case

This display case features a sign white lighted base, glass display area with adjustable glass shelving and adjustable gimbal lights overhead. 

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